Our long-term vision is “to build the capacity of the workforce; eradicating mediocrity, reducing burnout and improving the outcomes for people accessing support”

Our mission is to “create operational and professional excellence amongst professionals and organisations supporting people living with complex and co-occurring needs.  By delivering high-quality training, bespoke qualifications and expert consultancy we aim to eradicate mediocrity, reduce professional burnout and improve the effectiveness of the workforce.”

Our team work on projects of differing sizes and scales so our principles and beliefs are of central importance.  It is important to us that we are able to lead, inspire and be the change needed in our sectors, our core values include:


Excellence – striving to be outstanding in the work that we do 


Accountable – taking personal and professional responsibility for the decisions and actions we make


Resilience - protecting ourselves and those we work with, helping to build strength against adversity


Empathy – seeking to understand and share the feelings, thoughts and behaviours of others

Integrity – always making decisions that are based on honesty and doing the right thing

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Charlotte Hopkins
Founder and Director


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Gareth Hopkins
Founder and Director

Over three decades Gareth has worked both directly and indirectly with adults living with complex needs. Gareth has most recently been a lead commissioner and policy lead in substance misuse, homelessness and mental health for local Police and Crime Commissioners. He was previously an Assistant Chief Officer within HMPPS and substance misuse policy lead implementing projects within Welsh Government. He has a strong reputation for being innovative and thought-provoking; asking difficult questions to those who refuse to listen and finding solutions to inequity of access to services for the most vulnerable in our communities.

Charlotte has worked both directly and indirectly with adults and young people living with complex needs. She has a strong reputation as a learning & development expert with over twenty years of experience supporting professional and operational excellence - delivering contracts for Public Health Wales, Welsh Government, Skills for Health, all Welsh Areas Planning Boards as well as hundreds of service providers. Highly qualified in leadership, teaching and quality assurance Charlotte has been delivering innovation solutions to thousands of professionals over hundreds of courses; challenging poor practice to reduce mediocrity and improve outcomes for service users.

Lindsey Cordery-Bruce: CEO, The Wallich
"Charlotte is an absolute whirlwind, with more energy and business acumen than you can shake a stick at.  Her energy is infectious and I've yet to meet anyone who isnt motivated by her.  Charlotte excels at planning, visioning, relationship management, workforce development, coaching, leadership, coomunications and can basically turn her hand to anything.  She is a pleasure to work with and someone I really trust in business."
Kelechi Nnoaham, Director of Public Health Medicine & Executive LEAs for Academic Partnerships, Research & Development and Innovation
“Gareth Hopkins brought genuine ability, experience, and a much valued ‘can-do’ attitude that was infectious. His vision and know-how really helped us to achieve the concept and delivery of a radically new integrated service that began to change the outlook for our clients…I cannot recommend Gareth enough”