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Increasing support capacity and work satisfaction amongst your team by providing training and reflective practice

Effective workforce development plays an essential role in the delivery of best practice.  When done properly the Return On Investment is huge: building resilience, shared outcomes and improved management of complex situations. 

The Healthier Wales report identified “The best new models being developed in Wales share a common characteristic: a broad multidisciplinary team approach where well-trained people work effectively together and all the up-to-date and relevant information...” and further stated “To support these new models of care, we must strengthen the support, training, development and services available to the workforce with a focus on building skills across a whole career and supporting their health and wellbeing.”

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Learning and development investment for people working with vulnerable individuals has never been more needed. To deal with any complex issue means joint-working between different agencies is vital, especially as more individuals are experiencing complex needs and co-occurring vulnerabilities.

The skills, knowledge and expertise needed within the health, social, housing and criminal justice sectors are broad; with a strong emphasis on both specialist and non-specialist awareness. To reduce the harm and provide appropriate, safe and effective interventions, it is essential that targeted training is offered to those who need further support in developing their professional skills, understanding and curiosity.

Based on direct experience our team understands the extent of these issues, behaviours and harms that service users experience and the importance of embedding appropriate psychologically/ trauma informed environments and psychosocial interventions into the work that they do to improve the impact of their support.   We offer different packages to suit the size of your team and depths of your pocket!

Workforce Development Strategy Support

Bronze package

With our bronze package one of our team, who will support you with:

1.    A personal consultation to discuss your business needs

2.   Complete a full skills gap analysis for your organisational team

3.   A comprehensive report that outlines recommendations

silver package

Our silver package moves your team further into the personal and professional development journey and includes:

4.    A broad organisation action plan for your professional development

5.    Series of training events to embed your action plan across departments

gold package

Our gold package completes the first step of your continuous professional development (CPD) journey, by finalising:

6.    A specifically targeted training and qualifications plan

7.   The production of your own bespoke 'Workforce Development Strategy' and '3 Year Action Plan'

By working closely with your service to identify and agree the full scope of the project and agree the full logistics of the work including time scales, key outcomes and the monitoring process - ensuring the quality and effectiveness of the contract.  

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Workforce Development Strategy Support

Building competence, capacity and resilience amongst the workforce is essential to maximising productivity and profitability, but there is also a need to manage tight budgets and additional issues that come with working across political and socio-cultural norms.


78% of employers agree that investing in their staff is the most effective way to address the skills gap 34% felt they lacked effective leadership and management 41% felt that better collaboration was needed (People Power Sector Report, 2019)

Workforce development can be  complex professional discipline with a multitude of different approaches that can be taken. Kinbee has the experience, expertise and passion to help non-learning and development managers explore the range of paradoxes and dilemmas that they may face when engaging in the design, implementation and evaluation of workforce development. 

Support Group
Leading Workforce Development

Good quality workforce development activities can have a ripple effect that can be seen far wider than just building knowledge.  A well designed strategy can impact the delivery of best practice, reduce burnout and improve the capacity of service delivery. 

Study Group
Designing WFD Strategies

Bringing together people who share similar values and outcomes to develop a discursive approach that builds effective collaborations

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Evaluating Impact

Providing innovative and bespoke support to help your service, deliver excellence and elevating success

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Complex & Co-occurring Needs Training

Kinbee has three key priority areas for learning & development:

  • Responding effectively to co-occurring health and wellbeing issues

  • Building strong partnerships between specialists and non-specialist workers across sectors such as substance misuse, housing, criminal justice and health and social care

  • Improving the knowledge, skills and compassion across all sectors to recognise and respond appropriately to the different complex needs


Kinbee offers the following courses aimed at practitioners, volunteers and peer mentors. Guiding individuals towards professional mastery we will focus on building the knowledge, skills and confidence to work with complex and co-occurring needs - creating real and meaningful impact on peoples lives.

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Bespoke Training

 Looking for a course your way?

Because our associate trainers have a huge cross cutting level of experience in social care, housing, health and criminal justice settings we are confident we can also design a bespoke course for you upon request.

Our learning & development priorities include delivering training that is:

  • Practical (not just academic) and evidence based    

  • Flexible enough to meet both local, national and organisational needs

  • Supportive, values based and pragmatic                 

  • Inclusive and takes discursive approach

  • Based around continuous improvement                  

  • Focused on quality over quantity

  • Measuring real impact and ensures return on Investment

Our award-winning training team have been developing and delivering high quality accredited training for over three decades.  We only collaborate with the very best facilitators who are highly regarded in their area of specialism and each trainer must meet our Culture of Excellence Quality Assurance Framework. So, you can be sure that your Kinbee facilitators are credible, professional and have the breadth and depth of expertise needed to help you and your staff learn.

We take feedback very seriously within Kinbee and all our training and qualifications use a 'Results based Accountability' methodology that helps you to see what your team learnt and allows us to develop and grow our training to always maintain the highest quality standards.             


Our results:

98% of people would ‘recommend our training to others’

98% of people rated our trainer as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’

97% of people rated our training as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good